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Doctoral College on Computational Perception

The perception, interpretation and presentation of our environment using sensors and computer technology, in combination with related communication and visualization techniques, present research challenges of high importance and growing impact on our society. The Doctoral College on Computational Perception combines the expertise provided by three different departments at TU Vienna - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Informatics, Mathematics and Geoinformation - to address such complex research questions in a multi-disciplinary approach.

Within the field of Computational Perception, the doctoral college focuses on the following three research fields:

Interdisciplinary collaboration with partners in and outside the university is an important feature of the doctoral college. Each doctoral student receives an intense supervision by two members of the multi-department faculty team consisting of

Prof. Dr. D. Dietrich, Computer Technology
Prof. Dr. M. Gelautz, Software Technology and Interactive Systems (Speaker)
Prof. Dr. W. Kropatsch, Computer Aided Automation
Prof. Dr. N. Pfeifer, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Prof. Dr. W. Purgathofer, Computer Graphics und Algorithms
Prof. Dr. M. Rupp, Communications and Radio-Frequency Engineering
Prof. Dr. R. Sablatnig, Computer Aided Automation
Prof. Dr. M. Vincze, Automation and Control

The aim of the doctoral college is to offer an excellent academic education that will afterwards enable the doctoral graduates to pursue international research careers or assume high‐profile positions in industrial research. Information on current openings for doctoral positions and the application process are given here.