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Within our interdisciplinary doctoral program, PhD students have to take courses with a total amount of 18 ECTS points (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System). The courses will be chosen in accordance with the thesis supervisor in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Informatics, and Geodesy and Geoinformation, to deepen the student's knowledge in Computational Perception. Furthermore, our doctoral program pays special attention to the development of soft skills and suitable complementary skills, and part of the credit points will be earned in this field (e.g., communication and presentation techniques, patenting, etc.).

Each semester, the doctoral college will hold a joint workshop where students present their research progress and discuss their work with colleagues and the multi-disciplinary faculty team. Besides the usual formal requirements for earning the doctoral degree at TU Vienna (including the completed thesis, successful defense ("Rigorosum"), and courses of 18 ECTS credits), the doctoral college Computational Perception puts an emphasis on strong publication activities at peer-reviewed conferences and in international scientific journals as a prerequisite for a successful completion of the doctoral program.